Parental Rights Amendment Introduced in Congress

Yesterday, Representative Pete Hoekstra and Senator Jim DeMint introduced the Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution in Congress.   This is extremely important as more and more judges are looking to international law to  make decisions regarding children and families, even though there is plenty of strong case law in the US to protect the family unit.   For homeschoolers, this will be a huge protection of the rights to educate our children that we have fought for so hard over the years.

Read the proposed legislation and the annotations.

Watch the speech by the founder of, Michael Farris, which explains why this critical amendment is needed.

Citizens are asked to be “Citizen Cosponsors” by signing an information card to help create a groundswell of support:
( I have signed up as a 10 and 2 volunteer, so if you sign here, my contacts will be counted)

Check out the Sponsors of this Amendment.  If your Senators and Representative are not listed, please write them and ask them to join the fight.  If they are, send them a note of Thanks!  Find your representatives by entering your zip code.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and ideas you have for helping it work toward passage and ratification.

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