We Surround Them

What do politicians and employees have in common?

They both work for the people who hired/elected them!

How often do employees keep their jobs when they decide to act like the CEO and begin to do what they please? 

All of our elected officials work for the people of the jurisdiction which voted them in, and their job is to know and understand what their constituents want and to vote accordingly.

Sadly, this is not the case in the current legislative scenario.  Poll after poll shows the American values as RADICALLY DIFFERENT than the policies that the politicians are promulgating. 

Listen carefully!  Can you hear it?  People are beginning to regain understanding that America belongs to We the People!   Conversations are going on across this nation and voices are standing out that encourage us to rethink the role that we have allowed government to take. 

For too long, we as a nation have been content to “let Uncle Sam provide” and now the administrative mindset of spend and grow government bigger is firmly entrenched and cancerously burgeoning.  Now, we need to take action or get swallowed up in the socialistic morass.

Glenn Beck is one of the voices cheerleading us out of passivity.  He has started online forums  and encourages live groups for talking about the issues and brainstorming positive actions to protect our rights. One of his statements is that We Surround Them–We the people are more numerous and ultimately more powerful than the elected officials. See more here: http://912project.com/  

912 groups are forming around the country, based on 9 principles and 12 values gleaned from our Founding Fathers, for the purpose of uniting as citizens those who want to stand for the Constitution and the rights of American citizens.

Here is one group in the Phoenix, AZ area:

Friday, April 17, 6:30 PM
Cornerstone Christian Preschool, 18210 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix

Gregg Paul, a reporter and political observer for KFYI 550 AM radio, will be addressing local issues and research.

All are welcome.

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