I am giving away a FREE GPA calculator!

After several years of helping home educators prepare transcripts, I came up with a brilliant idea for creating a tool that would do most of the work for you, and would easily figure that pesky Grade Point Average.  It really isn’t a difficult calculation, but it can be cumbersome, even for those of us who are comfortable with math.

The best part of the tool is that once all the classes and grades are entered, everything else is done automatically.  Voila!  you have a GPA score to put on your beautiful transcript, and the transcript is nearly laid out for you!

I set the tool up to reflect a year’s worth of classes and credits–generally for high school or college.  However, it could also be used to keep track of the scores for tests and homework and projects within a class, so you have a running idea of what your final grade will be.  No more last minute anxiety and waiting until the prof posts the grades!

I have looked at other tools on the website, and most are pretty basic and don’t include quite the same functionality as mine does.  I have a price of $9.95 on the download of the tool, but for a limited time, I am offering a free one to people following my blog or my Twitter account.

 Check here for details:  www.homeschoolcommunity.wordpress.com/gpacalculator

I would love to hear your feedback once you have tried the tool out.

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