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Teens are now eligible for Morning-After Pill without prescriptions

Article from Center for Arizona Policy’s Five Minutes for Families
FDA Tramples on Parental Rights!


This week, the Federal Drug Administration ruled that 17 year-old girls can now receive Plan B “morning-after pills” at a local pharmacy without parental knowledge or a doctor’s prescription. While the morning-after pill can act to prevent pregnancy, it can also act to abort an existing pregnancy by blocking implantation of a fertilized egg. Our government has decided that 17-year olds shouldn’t vote, smoke, or buy alcohol, yet the FDA wants minor girls to make important medical decisions without any involvement from doctors or parents. Read more about this dangerous ruling on [Center for AZ Policy] blog.
Here we go again!  It is amazing to realize that parents’ rights and common sense are consistently being trampled in favor of the “right” that even children should have to act like adults by having sexual freedom.  This is followed by government sanction (and even funding) to say the results of that choice are now a “mistake” that can be erased with a simple pill so that no one will know.  Now you can go on and have your adult behavior as often as you would like, because there is a cure for any inconvenient after-effects.
Hmmm.  It seems to me that action without responsibility is not living like an adult, but rather like a spoiled child.  Do what you please, and Big Daddy will pay for the damage and the covering the tracks.
Do we really believe it is HEALTHY to encourage behaviors that are illegal, detrimental, and stripped of the wisdom that may be imparted by involved and caring parents?  Is it not hypocritical to punish certain forms of lying (hiding or tampering with the facts–such as perjury and tax evasion) and yet to encourage teens to hide hugely significant events in their lives (such as pregnancy and abortive measures) from their parents?
Why is truth only desired when it fits a certain political agenda?

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