Heath Care and Carbon Tax on Fast Track to be passed this week!

When can a “representative” government do exactly what they want with no concern for the people NOR the money to pay for the programs?

Answer: When those in the majority change the rules in Congress to allow for manipulation of the system.  Please see my post on the Reconciliation Process which is being used wrongly to change the Senate votes needed for these measures from 60 to a simple majority.

The following is an excerpt from an email from Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.org Alliance:

We have just been alerted that House and Senate leaders are moving
very quickly to put socialized healthcare on a fast-track THIS WEEK
as part of the revised Obama budget.

Members of the House-Senate conference have struck a deal with
Harry Reid and the Obama team to require just a simple majority
vote in the Senate to pass Obama’s massive socialized healthcare

Our contacts are also warning us that Obama’s oppressive $2 trillion
global warming Carbon Tax also may be fast-tracked!

Holly, your grassroots pressure forced the Senate to remove
this procedural trickery from the Obama budget just a few weeks ago.
But now a handful of Congressmen and the Obama team are sneaking the
fast-track language back in the budget!

+ + We have just a few hours to stop socialized healthcare
       and the oppressive Carbon Tax

The House-Senate conference is meeting NOW and Obama’s supporters
want to pass the revised budget this week in time for the conclusion
of Obama’s first 100 days in office.


Democrats know they cannot get 60 votes in the Senate to pass
socialized healthcare or the Carbon Tax, so they are manipulating
the process to require only 50 votes later this year.

          We must flood these offices with faxes (and calls)  TODAY and

Here is a link to the contact information. 

Call, fax, send emails.

A few weeks ago you helped Grassfire expose the Obama budgets
$2 trillion in new taxes and the plan by Democrats to fast-track
pet socialistic programs. The Senate removed the fast-track
language and it seemed to many that we had won this part of
the debate.

Then, after the Spring recess, Rahm Emanuel went to Harry Reid’s
office and struck a deal to put the fast-track provisions back in.

P.S. If we lose the battle over socialized healthcare, more than
half of all Americans will earn their living off the government!
This is the tipping point — the point of no return — when our
country will become a socialist state like much of Europe.

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