National Health Care–an idea that spells disaster

My friend wrote a letter to our Senators urging them to fix health care before he gets priced out of the market for insurance costs in the next couple of years.  He is quite steamed about the issue partly because his step-son was financially devastated when he had to have a lung replacement.  “Perhaps if he had health insurance earlier, he could have avoided [the surgery and all the problems associated with it]. . . . ….if people can afford health care then the burden to state/local governments will be reduced or eliminated. That does make sense!  . . I can not understand why the “right to (for) life” ends for many after birth!!  Why if you’re poor or incomes are [so] low that you barley can get help for your children, why have them then in a country that has so much wealth??? ”

 I totally agree that health care needs to be affordable, but I have serious concerns about the government being the one to fund, run and manage it.  It is absolutely catastrophic for people without insurance or means of paying to have a major illness or hospitalization.

I have been using an HSA for the past 4 years since my husband retired, because I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars a month for something I am not as likely to need (at this point in my life–of course, things may change at any moment with a car accident etc.)  I put money into the HSA to cover my deductible, and have enough in there for the cash price for services that I need.  This benefits me in several ways–keeps the cost down since I cover the basics up to the deductible, allows the money I put in to be a tax credit and earn interest, and covers me for catastrophic needs.  (and keeps the government out of my health care!)

This makes the most sense to me for my situation.

How is the government supposed to pay for health care when we are already so far in debt?  If you look at socialized medicine in Europe or Canada, it is not a better quality of care–long waits to see a doc or go to ER, people are prioritized based on age and “ability to recover”, doctors don’t get any more pay if they work harder, and there is much less incentive to try new things and work for the good of the people.

Two of the biggest things that are driving up health care costs are lawsuits (docs pay outrageous amounts in malpractice insurance, and pass that on to their patients) and pharmceuticals (often the RX price is hundreds of times what the cost of making the pills is). 

These need to be addressed as well as promoting alternative health care and prevention.  Most docs get very little for these and the big money is in treating the problem.  For example, I have read that diabetes fits this category.  My mom was diagnosed two years ago, and her insurance didn’t cover a lot of the tests and insulin, but basically nothing is covered for talking with patients that might be on the way to developing diabetes. 

I think that for most of the country’s ills, the common people, especially in the Christian community depending on the holy spirit, can come up with innovative ideas that will be more effective than giving one more thing to a broke and tyrannical government to figure out.

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  2. Great post. We, as Americans, must take control of our health care system. We can’t let it become the giant mess that it’s bound to be if the government steps in. In America, capitalism always wins out over socialism – always. Check out for more on receiving discounts on medical services by paying cash at the time of service.

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