What are the best educational choices in this political climate?

With all the economic turmoil, and the rapidly changing political environment, you may be asking questions about your educational choices.

Private school is no longer an option for many who have had to tighten their own financial belt.

Public school is already a “politically correct” environment that cuts many students adrift from their core values, and yet, FREE education sounds better than thousands of dollars per student that you may not have.

Home Education gives you the control over the values and beliefs that can be taught to your children, but it does require a commitment and some funds for materials.

Join me this Friday as I discuss some basics of home schooling, where the trend is heading, and ways to make it an economically and politically sound choice, even in these trying times.

Friday, May 1, 2009  6:30 PM

Cornerstone Christian Preschool
18210 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

 This is meeting 2 of a 912 type meeting  (see [url=http://www.912project.com]www.912project.com[/url]

We are looking at a variety of issues that we face in this current political environment and discussing what we can do from a non-partisan perspective. 

Home Education will be drastically affected by political decisions likely to be coming down in the future, and we will look at ways to safeguard our rights.

We will also discuss pros and cons of other educational venues and give information and resources for those interested in beginning to homeschool.

Holly Craw will be leading the discussion.

If you have any questions, contact me.

There is no charge for this meeting.  Please bring your friends who are interested in home schooling OR current legislative events.

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