The Site Map to this blog has been updated.

I am still on the learning curve, and it seems to be a long, winding road.  I thought that a blog would be simpler than a website, but I didn’t realize how many different kinds of things I would need to learn about those unique differences for each part of the blog.

Anyway, my goal has been to have the conversational, more time-relevant aspects that a blog offers, and include pages that are more like a website with more static type of content.  In some ways, I am replicating and updating and revamping a lot of what I had on the previous website with Covenant Home School Resource Center, and at the same time trying to do a commentary on much of the news that I post.

WHEW!  Is it just me, or is there an exorbitant amount of news that “should” be gathered, discussed and passed on?!  I have not even touched 80-90% of what has come my way, and I am sure that is perhaps a tenth of what is out there.

All that to say that I feel neglectful of the content on the pages.  There is a compelling sense in me of wanting to dive in and really get all the basic components set up and then come back to the blogging, but I find I am captivated by the urgency of some of the current events that are going on around me.  So, I have a struggle within myself  (plus attempting to keep a relative even keel on the housework, relationships and other commitments) to maintain a balance.  (Maybe I need to order a couple of clones.  🙂  )

Back to the Site Map.  I have established pages for a lot of different information, and they are all still in various stages of development.  Links are located at the top of the main page and on the right side bar, and just for good measure I will put the list here as well.  (Note:  This post is correct today, but it may not continue to be if I add pages.  In the future, the best way to see the Site Map will be from the other links just mentioned.)

I thank you in advance for your patience with my continual state of upgrading and completing the content.


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