Arizona University Costs Going Up Again

I think I get the picture.  If Arizona asks the universities to cut expenses by 20%, the immediate response is to raise fees to make up some of the deficit.  In addition, the schools may be getting more stimulus money than originally proposed.

Perhaps the schools are just trying to keep the balance going to continue business as usual.  It seems to me, that if you truly cut expenses, it won’t cost as much to run your operation.  I would think the goal at this point is to get more students once costs have been cut, rather than penalizing the ones who are already there paying for their education.

I heard an interesting way to cut expenses.  The Phoenix Union High School District has asked all teachers and staff to remove all of their electronic devices from the classrooms and lounges.  This includes refrigerators, coffee makers, electric pencil sharpeners, and microwaves.  The district expects to save $600,000 annually with this measure.

That is amazing!  A creative approach that may inconvenience people, but it is a solution that could save 10 or 12 jobs.  To me, this is the kind of thinking that can give America a step back in the right direction.  We need to have the freedom to give individuals and businesses opportunity to think outside of the box to do what will be most helpful in the long run.

Arizona university tuition surcharges approved
by Anne Ryman
Apr. 30, 2009 12:22 PM
The Arizona Republic

Students at Arizona’s three state universities will see tuition surcharges tacked onto their bills for the first time this fall. Citing the tough economy and cuts in state funding, the Arizona Board of Regents today approved “economic recovery surcharges” of $510 a year at Arizona State University and $766 a year at the University of Arizona. Northern Arizona University students will pay $350 more a year, although current students enrolled in a guaranteed tuition program won’t have to pay the surcharge. Out-of -state students will pay slightly higher surcharges at all three state universities. Presidents at ASU and the UA had originally proposed much higher amounts but scaled back their requests after getting pressure from the governor and word that the universities likely will get more federal stimulus money than expected.The universities are trying to raise more money through tuition after the state Legislature cut their funding by 20 percent, or $190 million, this year.

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