Funding to close Gitmo has been denied by Congress

Citing “lack of a suitable plan” for housing Gitmo detainees, the House of Representatives has stripped 81 million dollars from the war bill that would have gone for closing Guantanamo Bay.

Various plans had been discussed for the re-location of the 240 insurgents who are held at the base, but none of the ideas have met with full acceptance by all the parties involved.  Possible United States locations have included Alcatraz prison which is near San Francisco and Leavenworth prison in Kansas.  Both Senator Nancy Pelosi of California and Governor Sibelius of Kansas, have emphatically said that they don’t want the prisoners in their territories.  Other countires have been approached about taking  the captives, but none have embraced the idea, and fears still remain that the detainees would end up back in the United States in the future.

An article from Move America Forward states, Despite campaign rhetoric that made the U.S. military guards at Guantanamo Bay seem like the bad guys, the Obama Administration has admitted that Guantanamo Bay abides by all Geneva conventions and that our troops are serving honorably at the prison where about 240 terrorists are held.

I am proud of our congressional representatives who are taking a level-headed approach to this matter, and not simply bowing to the lead of the president.  May you continue to have the wisdom to see course of action that best represents the needs of our country.

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