AZ Homeschool Day with the Phoenix Mercury Women’s Basketball May 20

This is a terrific event for a great price!

HELP! AZ Home Schooling Needs your support!

Posted by: “Sherrie Yurk”   syurk

Tue May 12, 2009 7:19 pm (PDT)

Good morning once again from US Airways Center, and thank you for your
continued support of AZ Homeschooling and the Phoenix Mercury. As you know,
we’ve created a special program (listed below and on the attachment) JUST
for home school families and kids that we’ve run for 3 years. The first 2
years we saw great response from the Home Schooling community, but
unfortunately this year, we haven’t.

Without your support financially, with attendance, and your help in
promoting we run the risk of having to cancel this event, and may not be
able to do any special events for Home School families with the Phoenix
Suns/Mercury and US Airways Center Events again in the future. I don’t want
to see that happen, and I’m confident that if we all work together we can
generate enough interest to keep this partnership alive.

Even if you can’t attend the field trip, but you want to help you may now
purchase tickets for ANY game this season (Schedule attached) and still
receive the $10 discount tickets (Reg. $26.00), and it will count for this
program. It’s great family fun this summer, and its affordable ($40 for a
family of 4). Please pass along to friends, relatives, neighbors, family
members, support groups, Co-Ops, and those you know. As mentioned this is a
TOTAL team effort, and your help is much appreciated.

Thank you for all your help and support both financially and in promotion.
Call me for requests as soon as possible and with any questions that may
arise. Look forward to speaking soon, and have a great day. Hope to see you
next Wednesday!

-Bob Hamer

Manager, Group Events

(602) 379-7527

Bob Hamer

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From: Hamer, Bob
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 7:12 PM
To: Hamer, Bob
Subject: Homeschool Basketball Field Trip is BACK at US Airways Center May

Our 3rd Annual Home School Field Trip Day is back in business May 20th @

Beat the heat and bring out the family for a fun filled day at US Airways
Center, home of the Phoenix Suns and Mercury. You’ll get to watch a private
“Closed Door” Mercury practice, you’ll get to mix, meet and mingle with Head
Mercury Basketball Coach Corey Gaines and other Mercury Players, and you’ll
even get to play ball on the actual court the Suns and Mercury play on, as
the Mercury Staff and Players run a basketball clinic specially FOR YOU!
Parking is FREE, strollers are welcome, and you’ll also get a FREE ticket to
watch the Mercury battle the Sacramento Monarchs on Saturday night June 13th
at 7:00pm (Substitute games available upon request).

We’re now taking RSVPs, and additional information is attached. Please
forward to your support group, family, friends, relatives, neighbors,
colleagues, anyone you know who is looking for something “Cool” to do in the
heat of the Summer, and is currently a home educator.

We aren’t able to run this program without the support of you and the Home
Education Community. Thanks for helping make it go, and hopefully we’ll be
able to continue the relationship between the Mercury and Home Education and
continue to offer this and other programs in the years to come!

Let me know if you have any questions. RSVPs are on a first come first
served basis and can be taken via email, over the phone, or via fax at (602)
379-7866. Look forward to speaking soon, see you May 20th!


Bob Hamer (mgr)

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