Do You know how your child best learns?

Learning Styles:
What Works for Your Students
A workshop for parents and home educators
Presented by Holly Craw


Did you ever wonder why your student doesn’t get the information you just explained?

Have you ever found yourself feeling disconnected from someone else’s method of presentation?

Has there been an “AHA!” moment for you when something you have heard before is presented in a new way?

Chances are, learning styles may account for how readily someone understands information. If one person is wired to receive information one way, but it is given out another way, there may be a communication gap.

Join Holly Craw for this hands-on workshop to discover the following:

  • Your style as a teacher
  • How to determine the learning styles of your students
  • Which curriculum methods will work best with the styles of your family
  • How to maximize learning for each of the styles

This is a tool that will make your life and home schooling so much easier and more enjoyable.

Come and join us! Bring your friends! Do RSVP to let us know that you are coming.

May 19–Sun City West

May 21–North Scottsdale


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