Are you concerned about the direction our country is going?

Sometimes, it seems that so much is happening on the political front, that it is impossible to deal with it all.  I know that I like to examine the issues, find out both sides, and be able to discuss them intelligently with others.

That all takes time and a lot of energy to sift through the material.  Very seldom do I find one website that will lay out the details so the whole picture can be viewed, with the pros and cons of each side.

Citizen groups are forming around the nation so that we can come together to discuss what is happening and what is likely to be the impact of new policies and legislative decisions.  The citizens of this country have a wealth of creativity and resources that can be harnessed for bringing a positive impact on the direction of the nation.  This is part of our heritage and fundamental rights–to be an informed and engaged citizenry so that we can speak to the issues at hand and have influence in the direction of our country.

Here is one meeting in the Phoenix area.



 If you are concerned about the direction our country is going in please come and join us for a get together and discussion.  Bring a friend.

 This get together is not politically affiliated.  It is designed to help people network and get a voice, inform, pray and take action.

 Put on your thinking caps.  We are going to brainstorm some worse case scenarios and what we could do to prepare for them.

 Cindy Kennedy will be giving a short presentation on the fourth principle our founding fathers used when designing the constitution.


Date:  Friday, June 5th

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  Cornerstone Christian Preschool, 18210 N 19th Ave, Phoenix


Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Child care provided.

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