AZ homeschoolers win by default in bill to raise compulsory education age

House Bill 2292: Raises the Compulsory Age to 18 Years Old


For many years, Arizona and other states have maintained that children needed to be in school until age 16.  After that, generally they were considered old enough to take on adult responsibilities.  There has been a move in some states to increase that compulsory attendance age to 18, with the concept that mandatory schooling will keep kids frm dropping out. 

Arizona has gone this road several times in the last decade, each time to have the proposed legislation defeated by the state representatives.  Again, this spring, the same bill was introduced, in spite of the tremendous increase to the budget that would have come with passage. 

Homeschoolers are always negatively affected by increased mandatory attendance laws.  Many of these students gradaute from high school prior to age 18, and are out in the work force already. 

Fortunately, many people called and voiced opposition, and the bill died when the legislature adjourned last month.

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