It is time to stop the pillaging of American jobs

The president is now saying that that his administration plans to create 600,000 new jobs in the next 100 days.  He claims that he has “saved or created” 150,000 jobs already, even though only 5% of the stimulus money has actually hit the marketplace.

Now we have the GM bankruptcy and Chrysler being sold to Fiat in Italy, plus 789 of the Chrysler dealerships literally disenfranchised almost overnight.  More jobs by the thousands will disappear with these events.

What happens if we nationalize health care?  The only way to serve more people while cutting overall costs is to put a cap on salaries from the doctors down to the clerical staff, and a cap on the services that can be provided.  How many jobs will be lost by this action?  Better still, how many in the health care industry will want to stay when the burden on them becomes greater and the pay gets diminished?

This note came from Numbers USA:

The unemployment numbers for May were released on June 5th and they are truly disheartening.  More than 345,000 Americans lost their jobs last month and unemployment rocketed to 9.4% (the highest since August, 1983).  Clearly, it is time for President Obama to work with Congress to reduce or suspend most immigration.  It makes little sense to continue to import 138,000 workers per month when so many Americans are unemployed.

I thought unemployment was not going to get over 8%.  What happened?  Since the beginning of the stimulus bills, 1.8 million people have lost their jobs.

The key elements in job creation are:

  • lowering taxes
  • lowering interest rates
  • low inflation rate
  • greater reason to keep jobs in America for Americans than to outsource them to other countries or illegal aliens.
  • and what about allowing the free enterprise system to work without manipulating it, bailing it out, or dissolving companies on the government’s whim.

President Obama, it seems that there are a lot of factors riding against true job creation.  I understand that 75,000 jobs have been added to the government sector.  I am talking about private sector jobs that will help increase national productivity, and will bring out the best in the American people, not jobs that will continue to bring a drain on the country’s economy and take more control away from the citizens.

It is time to get serious about real American jobs and a sustainable economy.

2 Responses

  1. You are so right! We need the right to recall elected officals. – see my older post on this at

    • Good thoughts and interesting ideas geezer gator.

      Definitely is time for citizen intervention in the political process. Term limits will never be addressed by Congress for congress, so we do need another way around.

      I have to agree with Elle (comment on
      –cost and machinations for doing an annual approval would be prohibitive.

      I just came across this site for National Initiative for Democracy ( which may have one piece of the solution. The idea is for a third branch of the legislative department to be set up–we the people!–so that we could propose legislation or rescind bad actions or make constitutional amendments as needed.

      Fascinating ideas. I am so ready for discussion on what We the People still are able to do.

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