Learning to be a blogger

Well,I have been officially a blogger for about 10 weeks and I am getting more in tune with what can be done on the blog and website, as well as the MULTITUDE of types of blogs.  I am amazed at the comment lists on so many types of subjects.

One fun thing that I discovered is there are sites designed to help bloggers get more exposure by capturing posts as they are published and showing them on remote sites.  If you are interested in reading the news as it hits the  cyber waves, you can do so through these sites and not have to comb through multitudes of listings.

As a blogger, you can reference these sites in your blog, and your entries will be picked up by them. 

Sites I have found so far:



The first time I realized that I was being picked up by AlphaInventions, my blog count had suddenly jumped to 499 in a matter of minutes!  I have been a little slow in getting myself maximized here, but now I am ready to roll!

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