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When does it end? Do our leaders care about Americans and our Jobs?

I  think there is a proverb something to the effect that the constant dripping of water on the head will yield greater wearing down of an enemy than a direct assault.

Get out your umbrellas and your determination, fellow citizens!  We are not only being bombarded on every side with direct assaults on our liberties, our rights, our money, our values, but we are also being subjected to the Drip Method of torture.  At every possible opportunity, our legislators are putting the US citizenry at risk by pandering to demands of illegal aliens who somehow think they deserve MORE breaks and BETTER opportunities than our own citizens.  We are being sold out by Big Business which wants cheap labor, and we are being sabotaged by our own Congress with the lure of cheap votes.

It is time to take a stand.  America’s first duty is to her own citizens.  We need to do everything we possibly can to “create and save” jobs that are filled by American citizens, first!  We don’t owe anything to people who choose to be here illegally.  Try going to any other country illegally, and request special privileges that defy the country’s own legal system.

This is from Numbers USA:

Obama Ready to Announce His Surrender to Big Business Lobby and Gut Workplace Verification?


By Roy Beck, Updated Thursday, June 11, 2009, 6:47 PM

Informed sources are telling our Capitol Hill Team that the Obama Administration plans to announce today or tomorrow new orders and rules that will gut most of the improvements in fighting illegal immigration at the end of the Bush Administration.

The Big Business Lobbyists apparently are getting nearly everything they want from Pres. Obama when it comes to favoring cheap foreign labor over unemployed Americans.


One big result of the new executive order will be to ensure that taxpayer-funded jobs under the Economic Stimulus Act can continue to go to illegal foreign workers.

Under an Executive Order issued by Pres. Bush last year, all federal contractors would have to verify their workforce through E-Verify.  DHS Chief Janet Napolitano has several times delayed the execution of that order, claiming she was still studying it.

Now, it appears she was studying how to amputate it.

We are told that the new Obama Executive Order will retain the language requiring contractors to verify new hires. But it will eliminate the language requiring them to verify all previously employed workers on the contract.

That means that all the illegal aliens already working for federal contractors can keep their jobs and unemployed Americans will not have a chance at them.

I talked with a former official of the Department of Homeland Security who said there has been buzz about filling the new Executive Order full of loopholes so that federal contractors can “launder” newly hired illegal aliens through a part of the company not doing federal contracts and then transfer them to the federal contract jobs without having to put them through E-Verify. 


Napolitano is also expected to rescind the Bush Administration’s enhanced “no-match letter” rule.  This new action will expose employers who try to obey the law to lawsuits if they terminate workers who submitted fake or stolen social security numbers.

The Bush rule would have required the Social Security Administration to send out letters to every employer on every employee whose Social Security number and  personal data don’t match (almost always because they are illegal aliens).  The Bush rule would have pushed employers to fire their illegal workers.

It appears that Napolitano will kill that rule and revert to the old system under which SSA sends out unenforceable letters to employers of 10 or more mismatches.  And the old system tends to make it more dangerous for an employer to fire illegal workers than to keep them.


I will grant that the Obama Administration has been forced to do some maneuvering because of lawsuits by Big Business that claim Congress hasn’t given the executive branch full authority to do all contained in the Bush Executive Orders.

This, however, looks like a total surrender to the Lobbyists of Greed.

Congress should for once stand up for the American workers and settle this right now.

I hope you the reader will spread this blog far and wide along with this link to send faxes to Members of Congress urging them to quickly pass a law mandating:

  • that all federal contractors run all their employees through E-Verify (to open up jobs for unemployed Americans)
  • that the Social Security Administration issue “no-match letters” for every employee with questionable information, and that companies be required to fire employees who can’t resolve their eligibility issues.

More than 14 million unemployed Americans would love to have the millions of jobs that would be opened up almost immediately if Congress would pass such a law.


The House Appropriations Committee has a chance Friday to limit a lot of the damage that Obama is promising.

Rep. Kingston of Georgia plans to re-introduce an amendment he has tried a number of times.  It would require all federal contractors to run their employees through E-Verify.  It would be on spending bills that are being marked up Friday.  Take a look at the committee members and give them a call encouraging them to start protecting American workers NOW!

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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