How do I know what homeschool resources are good for high-functioning autism?

Here is a great question I received in reference to the workshop list I just posted.

Q:  How do I know if the things that come from modern homeschool are good for
 special needs kids with high functioning autism (such as the acrylic  workshop)?
 Sharon Hayes 
 Phoenix HFA


Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the terrific question.  The workshops that I do are general information that could be relevant to homeschoolers across the board–basics on getting started, finding resources, understanding curriculum approaches, dealing with all the aspects of high school and college preparation.  Parents could still glean a lot of practical information, even thought it may not specifically address the special needs concerns. 

The workshops on unit studies and multilple intelligences will be very relevant in giving parents some new tools and avenues to present information in ways that will be meaningful to the students.  At those two workshop, I have Barbara Powers who will be presenting some movement exercises that are designed to help stimulate the different areas of the brain for greater receptivitiy of information.  She has been getting involved more with autism groups (in fact, she passed the list of groups on to me) and has some practical information along that line, including dietary ideas.

Regarding the art workshop, Connie Youmans has a masters in Art Education, and has taught children with a variety of abilities and issues.

I have included  links to both Connie and Barbara so that you can email them direct questions more specifically to their approach with their materials.

Another thing to pass along:  Craig Stellpflug of Healing Pathways Naturopathic Clinic in Tempe regularly does workshops specifically on autism, brain function, add/adhd and more.  His workshops are listed and described on my Meetup list:

I really have no personal experience with the special needs concerns, except from the stand of knowing many homeschoolers with kids who have various learning issues.  I have alway had a heart for non-governmental services that could target this community, and at times have gathered various professionals in the field to have workshops and seminars.

(That is still something that I would love to see!)

I hope that this is helpful.  Feel free to direct specific questions to the three I have mentioned.


Thanks and Blessings!
Holly Craw

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