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Planned Parenthood Spins itself as a “Health Care Provider”

 Nationalized Health Care is going to take on numerous faces that will continue to tear apart the foundation of our country under the guise of “providing quality, affordable health care”, of course all at the taxpayers’ expense.

Here is the latest from Cathi Herrod of  Center for Arizona Policy

Health Care Reform and Abortion

My email inbox overflows with very real and significant concerns about President Obama’s national health care takeover and mandatory, taxpayer-funded abortion “care” being included. This week, Planned Parenthood launched a new ad campaign emphasizing the portion of their work focused on health care services. Of course, the remainder of their work takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of preborn children each year and harms their mothers, but there’s no mention of that! This brazen attempt to trick lawmakers into looking at Planned Parenthood as a major health care provider whose clinics should be included in any nationalized health care network, rather than as the nation’s most radical abortion provider, needs to be met with stiff resistance in Congress. If you’re not tracking the real harms posed by the Obama Administration and Congress to our families and our values, be sure to sign up for Citizen Link and FRC.

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