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How to change your dad’s status on Father’s Day!

What might be the best kind of present a Dad could get on Father’s Day?

Let me share what my husband received.

On Saturday, my husband and I, our two daughters and their hubbies, and my sister-in-law went to Payson, Arizona to visit my in-laws.  We were celebrating the in-laws’ 61st anniversary, birthdays for my hubbie and my son-in-law, and Father’s Day.

Several of us had gone in together for an Ipod Nano for my husband, and after the appropriate fanfare for the new toy, my youngest daughter, Naomi, handed him another card.  On the front is a picture of Napoleon Dynamite sitting on a couch.  Now, you have to understand that my spouse absolutely loves ND, and thinks his lines are the funniest things ever.  (My daughters, on the other hand, reported that they felt their IQ’s diminishing with each scene of the movie).

Here is the card text:

Happy Father’s Day . . .(inside) to a guy with flippin’ sweet skills

As the card opens, the recorded message is the infamous line, “You know, like, numchuk skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills.”

Lance is so busy trying to listen to the words and chuckling, that he misses the signature note, which I am reading over his shoulder:

Not to mention sweet Grandpa skills.

“Really!?  Grandpa skills? ” I asked.  (Lance is still listening to the words.)  “You’re pregnant?”  (Now, that caught his attention and that of everyone else in the room!)

WOW!  What a thrill to up everyone’s ante at a Father’s Day celebration.  Dad now became Grand-dad, Grandpa now became Great Grandpa, and my Son-in-law is Daddy and my other Son-in-law is Uncle!  (Of course, we women got corresponding upgrades to our titles, too.)

It was such a treat to have them make the announcement with all of us there.  The funny part is about six weeks ago, Naomi’s husband preached a sermon at his church on feeling safe in God’s arms.  To illustrate, he walked to the front with a newborn baby in his arms, and quickly affirmed that the baby was not his, and he was not making an announcement.  Naomi is 11 weeks along, so I asked about the timing.  Rob had planned the sermon illustration a few weeks prior, and they actually confirmed the pregnancy just a couple of days before.

I guess we are rolling into a new phase in our lives.  Yea! Grandparenting!

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