Arizona Senate Passes Abortion Bills–Call Governor Brewer Today

Senate Passes Abortion Bills/Call Governor Brewer Today

June 23, 2009 
On Tuesday, the Arizona Senate passed two bills to clarify and update Arizona abortion laws:
  1. HB 2564, the Abortion Consent Act, establishes informed consent procedures for women considering abortion, fixes problems in Arizona’s parental consent law, and protects health care workers from being forced to participate in abortion against their moral and religious beliefs. It is the most significant pro-life legislation to pass in Arizona.
  2. HB 2400 bans partial-birth abortions from being performed in Arizona. It mirrors the federal law, making sure that this horrific procedure will not be available in Arizona.

Governor Jan Brewer now must sign these bills for them to become law. Governor Brewer and her spokesman repeatedly have stated that Gov. Brewer is pro-life!

But Gov. Brewer needs to know that the pro-life community strongly supports these bills. She needs to hear from you today!


  1. E-mail or call Governor Brewer’s office TODAY, thank her for being pro-life and ask her politely to sign the two abortion bills. 
  2. Forward this e-mail to like-minded friends and family.
  3. Pray!
  4. For more information on these two bills, including talking points, visit

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