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BrainyFlix: Wacky, weird, and wild–learning vocabulary via videos

If learning vocabulary is one of those things that will make your child’s eyes glaze over and bring a ghostly pallor to his face, then you haven’t met BrainyFlix.

This blog is the brainchild (pun intended) of Jack Yu, a graduate of MIT, who offers many resources for students to improve their skills for the SAT and ACT test.  On BrainyFlix, viewers are invited to send a picture or video to illustrate a particular word and use it in a sentence.  A link is provided to show the current use of the word in the media, and a list of quotes from well-known literature help round out the vocabulary lesson.  Jack runs themed contests to spur the imaginations of his readers, and offers prizes of music downloads.

BrainyPrep is Jack’s website with tips on writing college application essays and taking the SAT tests.

Here is an example of a vocabulary flash card for indomitable.  (Warning:  Many of the words and illustrations may cause you to fall on the floor laughing!)

Brainypics – Create new Brainypic

Flashcards that illustrate the use of the word indomitable.



I’m indomitable.  Get close and you die!

 How do journalists use the word indomitable in the news?

Famous writers using indomitable in a sentence.

Treasure Island – By Robert Louis Stevenson, Louis Rhead

…Between Silver and myself we got together in a few days a company of the toughest old salts imaginable–not pretty to look at, but fellows, by their faces, of the most indomitable spirit ….

Jane Eyre – By Charlotte Bront

…Never, ” said he, as he ground his teeth, ” never was anything at once so frail and so indomitable ….

Dracula – By Bram Stoker, Philip M. Parker, Poul Glargaard

…This, with an iron nerve, a temper of the ice-brook, an indomitable resolution, self-command and toleration exalted from virtues to blessings, and Jie kindliest and truest heart that beats–these form his equipment for the noble work that he is doing for mankind–work both in theory and practice, for his views are as wide As his all-embracing sympathy ….

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