Know someone in need? Host a Community Yard Sale to help out!

A community yard sale is a great way to meet several needs at once:  Clear out your unneeded items, have a great time of fellowship with others, provide inexpensive items to the buyers, and raise some funds to help others in need.  Focus on the Family will have a huge sale at their property in Colorado Springs in July, and they are encouraging groups around the country to follow suit.  Funds raised can be used for donating to a ministry of your choice, or to  families you know personally who are having a hard time.

My church had a community sale this spring, and raised over $4000!

You can find lots of great ideas and tips for having a successful sale on the Focus on the Family website.

Here is some information about the history of the sale in Colorado Springs.

What is America’s Family Yard Sale?

Put simply, it is a way to use resources God has already provided in order to raise money for ministry. Twenty-five years ago, Focus on the Family encouraged broadcast listeners to host a yard sale in order to raise funds for the ministry. One group of ladies took the suggestion, and they have had a yard sale every year since then! They have not only been able to bless Focus, but they have also blessed their local community with both donations and unsold goods. We’re really just taking their ideas and enthusiasm and sharing them with everyone else! Read more about how the Yard Sale began.

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