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The Reward of Home Education: Adult Children Who Like to Spend Time with Mom!

I just spent a wonderful day with my daughters who are both married.  A couple of months ago, Naomi, the youngest, decided it would be good if she and I and my other daughter, Charissa, got together once a month to do some “mega cooking” so we each could have half a dozen dinners to take home and freeze.

We started this in June, and I thought we would each do something simple.  I chose beef stew, and the hardest part was taking my roast and cutting it into cubes.  ( I still have a blister scar on my finger from the kitchen shears!)  Charissa decided to make chicken spinach enchilada casserole, and Naomi made a fancy stir fry and potstickers.  All together, we were cooking that day for almost seven hours!  So much for simple!

One big time drain on that occasion had to do with the jalapeno peppers.  Charissa diced about ten of them, and then her fingers began burning, and burning, and burning.  We looked up remedies online and tried just about every one of them–milk, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, milk of magnesia, toothpaste, salt, dish soap, hand sanitizer–just to name a few.

Nothing worked.  The best temporary help was ice cold milk–and waiting it out. We read that this had happened to numerous people–many of whom habitually handled jalapenos.  Each had a different trick that finally worked–after trying many others.  Some said time was the only solution–the burning would subside in about 10 hours!  That is the way it worked for my daughter, who was quite miserable all afternoon and into the night.

In spite of all that trauma, the girls loved having a ready made meal in the freezer for days when life gets complicated–such as this week, when Charissa and her hubby had to temporarily relocate to a different apartment when their AC was out for 5 days!  Since the new place was totally bare, they had to cart in everything they would need–including the ready-to-heat dinners.

Today, we cooked much simpler fares–Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Noodle Soup, Tortilla Soup and Calzones–and had time in the afternoon to do some sewing.  Naomi takes after me–but is taller (6′) with much longer legs.  She wanted to make some capris to wear to work, and we needed to get them done while she still is able to wear them.  (She is pregnant, and due in January!)

What a treat it is to just hang out with the girls, working together, talking, laughing, and planning baby things!

I am so grateful for relationships that were nurtured in our days of 24/7 togetherness while we homeschooled.  It is wonderful to know that God took the positive influence of my husband and me and magnified it many times to develop these awesome young women who are so much fun to be with!

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