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Fourth of July Fantasia!

WOW!  We are just back from having dinner with some friends and watching a bit of the fireworks show on CBS.  We didn’t see enough to know the location of the show–I am guessing perhaps Washington DC area.  I think we watched for 20 minutes or so.

I have never seen such an intense show!  There was never any pause between the send-offs–new blasts went up as the previous ones were still opening up.  Sometimes thee would be three or four going off in succession within a second or two.

I know many of the shows in the Phoenix area were canceled due to the cost, and one big one at Tempe Town Lake charged admission.  Can anyone tell me what a normal fireworks display costs–for the fireworks, the extra police, the clean up crews?  Just curious.  When I have seen shows live at the park, there is a lot more downtime than I witnessed on the CBS show.  What do you suppose that fanfare cost?

As my friend mentioned, what is the carbon footprint of blasts that can get up to 1800 degrees F? 

The show I viewed was fabulous, and the pyrotechnics were astounding.

It seems that in these times of economic and environmental concerns, Fourth of July displays of the CBS magnitude just might raise some hackles.

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