Do you have struggling spellers? We have the answer (and you can get one FREE)

If teaching Spelling to your child brings frustration to one or both of you, you may be a great candidate for a software program that will bring greater success to your efforts!

See my review on SpellQuizzer, go to the company website and check it out.  Then come back here and follow the directions below to be entered in a drawing for a FREE license for the SpellQuizzer software!



This $29.95 value software will be given away in a drawing to be held on August 2, 2009.  It is simple to enter the drawing:

1.  Stay connected with me by following me on Twitter

2. and pass along the word about the this blog and the FREE give-away on to a minimum of 10 people.  

With Twitter, you can see the headlines for each post  online, but not get emails.  Click on the Twitter link on the right.  You will need to click on Join Today or Follow Me to set up to follow my posts on Twitter.  You go into your Twitter page at your leisure to see all the headlines.  You can click on whatever title you want to read.  This is the easiest way to keep up with what is happening without getting anything extra in your mailbox, and there is a maximum of 140 characters on each post, so it is short and to the point.

The connection to Twitter is free, and you can be in control of what comes to your inbox.  (Even if you don’t want the SpellQuizzer, but want to continue to receive my information, you may connect with me.)


1.  What options are there for passing along the information and how will you know that I have signed up?

The easiest for you to do and for me to track is for you to “retweet” the message below on Twitter. (Retweet means to send the text below from your Twitter page.)

  • Set up your Twitter account to follow me,
  • copy and paste this text into the Twitter textbox and hit “Update”:

RT @hollycraw has a FREE SpellQuizzer to give away. Fun, easy way to learn spelling words. Huge success rate! Limited time.

  • The message will show up on your Twitter page, and all those following you will be able to see it.  (Twitter has easy tools for inviting your friends to follow you.) 
  • I will receive electronic notification that you have completed the requirements,
  • and you will autmatically get a note back in your Twitter page that you have been entered into the contest

2.  What if I don’t want to sign up on Twitter?

I can understand that.  I needed some time to understand what Twitter is and does before I signed up.  Here are some options for passing the word.  You only need to do one:

  • Send the following text by email to 10 of your friends, and include me on the post:  (modernhomeschooler (at) cox (dot) net — take out all spaces and replace (at) and (dot) with the symbols.

Would you like to see your child have success in Spelling?   Holly Craw has a FREE SpellQuizzer software to give away.   Limited time offer. Check here for details:

  • Send the text above  to your e-list group (Yahoo group, support group, Meetup group or any other groups to which you belong) and once it is posted, send that announcement from the group to me
    (same email address as above)
  • Post the text on a page on your website, blog, Facebook (etc), and send me the link (same email address as above)

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing your success stories!

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