Women of Faith conference: Chance to Win 4 FREE tickets!

I have not been to the Women of Faith Conference, but know many who have been.  It is a life-changing experience from all that I hear.

What a great event to look forward to!  Inspirational speakers, wholesome humor, rubbing shoulders with some of the people of wisdom in the Christian community, and having a great time with girlfriends!  WOW

Here is what Rebecca Holt has to say about the conference:

I could hardly contain my excitement when I found this amazing giveaway from MommySnacks.net! She is hosting a drawing for 4 tickets to the Women of Faith conference! I bought tickets to attend this event in Phoenix with my best friends 3 years ago and ended up in the hospital for 13 days because of my Crohn’s disease. Thankfully, I talked with the amazing staff of the event and they allowed me to use my tickets for the following year’s event in 2008. It was awesome and I am desperately hoping to attend again this year.

So I was beyond excited when I came across mommysnacks.net and found her giveaway. Selfishly, I would rather not tell anyone about it to increase my chances of winning, but I know that’s not the Christ-like thing to do so I’m letting you all in on it! Check out the link to the giveaway here and I hope that if I’m not able to win, at least one of my readers is!

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