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Discover the secret ingredient to success in home education!

Have you ever tried to explain something to another person, only to find that your words didn’t make a bit of sense to the hearer?
Have you ever tried really hard to understand someone else, but found yourself frustrated that you just didn’t get what was being said?

It may be a matter of communicating with different learning modalities and not “receiving” the message that the other person sent.

This workshop will help you understand your own learning strengths and weaknesses, and give you tools for bridging the communication barrier with others.



  • · Wednesday August 12, 2009
    • · Using Multiple Intelligences to Give Your Students an Advantage!

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009
    9:30 AM- 12:30 PM



    Bookmans Entertainment Exchange Community Room
    8034. N. 19th Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ

    The brain is an amazing instrument through which we can learn in a variety of different ways. Chances are, you learn best in a manner that is totally different from at least one of your family members, but we usually want to relate to the world out of our own strengths and may miss the value in someone else’s style. Often, if material is presented from a paradigm that is not our strength, we may not understand or retain the data, and may become frustrated and discouraged.

    Discover the three main learning styles and the 8 Intelligences that can be tapped for each individual for the maximizing of learning potential. Learn how to cross-train your students so they will have an easier time understanding and working with others who have different ways of relating to the world. Experience some movement exrecises that will open up new avenues in the brain for greater receptivity to learning from another style.

    Presenters: Holly Craw, 22 year veteran homeschooler
    Barbara Powers, certified reading specialist

    Sign up for the educator discount of 20% at Bookmans while you are there!

    (Please indicate your name, workshop title and date, and number attending

    Register Now by email


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