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Can Parents Create Their Own Homeschool Diplomas and Transcripts?

Another great question from the email inbox.

Q:  Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has done their own diploma and transcripts ..and had them accepted by a college?

My oldest two children were homeschooled in PA ..and there was a PA Homeschooler Diploma approved by the Dept. of Education..this was done by an evaluator..and they also kept transcripts.

My 18 yo son had 2 years in that ‘program’…we had to meet certain requirements..read 25 books, 1 10 page paper per year..etc..but when we moved to Ohio and then here he’s not permitted to be in. And I’ve never done it.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

A:  Hi Cindy,

My girls graduated from homeschooling in 2000, and I prepared their transcripts.  They both went to Glendale Community College, and the older one transferred to University of Arkansas, Little Rock.  There was no question about their transcripts at all, and in fact, both girls were eligible to be in the Honors program at GCC, based on the ASSET test and the transcripts.

I never actually made a diploma for either one of them (shame on me) but no one has ever asked to see it.

There is a federal law which validates transcripts and diplomas created by the parents, since they are the ones overseeing the school work.  Home School Legal Defense Association has a page of Q and A about homeschool diplomas.

I have created dozens of transcripts and diplomas for other families, and have been given good reports on them.  (Here is more information.)

I am doing a College Prep and Transcript Preparation workshop on Friday, August 14 in Tempe, Arizona.  It is free to attend.  Here is the link to all the details.

I would love to answer any further questions that you may have.

Thanks and Blessings,

Holly Craw

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