Homeschool Planning Retreat: Be with friends in the cool country to get your lesson planning done!

Starting homeschooling can be a BIG task, with lots of pieces to think about.  Many parents have confessed to feeling rather overwhelmed with the prospect, especially if they have more than one or two children, or they have older students.

I often tell new homeschoolers that it is a good idea to take a weekend retreat to do some planning.  I have done this myself, and have talked with many other moms who found it a helpful idea.  If you are able to leave the kids with someone, pack up your books and teaching materials and go away for the weekend–either by yourself if you like to work alone, or with your spouse or friend who will be able to keep you on track and discuss ideas with you.  (This is a great idea for any family, even if you have been homeschooling for a while, who wants to be more organized and less stressed!)

At my last couple of workshops, I mentioned this and was asked if I would ever lead such a retreat for a group of homeschoolers.  I had been thinking a little about this thought, and said I would be delighted and honored to help provide a framework for a planning process.  Several in those meetings seemed interested, so I am proposing an idea.


Date:  Friday, September 25–participants may arrive as early as 1:00 PM.  We will officially begin with dinner at 6:00 PM.  We will end after dinner by 6:00 PM on Saturday, September 26.
Location:  A cabin between Payson and Winslow on Highway 87, about 2 1/2 hours from Phoenix, one hour from Payson or Flagstaff.  A map will be provided to all attendees beforehand.
Purpose:  To successfully complete a project (or segment) such as lesson plans for the semester, so that your time with your children can be spent on the fun of learning!
What you will receive:
     * Friday night:
  Pampering with a lovely candlelight dinner
             Some input time if needed on tips for doing your lesson plans or transcript or whatever
     * Saturday:  Free time all day to focus on your work with access to me for questions or consultation
     * Time in the cool pines without the kids
     * Time away from household chores, the phone, and other distractions
     * A Goodie Bag of school supplies
     * Perhaps some new friendships
     * Handouts and materials that I provide to those who attend my Lesson Planning or Transcript Prep
         workshops (Whatever is appropriate to your need)
     * Access to resource materials that I will bring up
     * A sense of accomplishment and confidence for moving ahead with your homeschooling
Cost:  $50 includes cabin rental, food, food preparation, mini-workshops (by me) and materials, free
        consultation time with me (about anything homeschool related!)
Maximum Participants:  10      (I am anticipating that moms will be the ones attending.  If there is a couple who wish to come together, the cost would be $70 for both.  There is one room that could accommodate a couple which is already taken.  The other rooms are bunk beds)    

         (Want an opportunity to attend this retreat for FREE?    Click here)


I would love to have some feedback to see if this is something that has a viable interest level.  Please leave your comments below or by email, and if you are seriously interested, I will begin a list in the order that the names come in.   

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