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Terrific Career Exploration Opportunities for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling friends,

Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona loves home educated students!  They understand the high standard of excellence that is characteristic of this group, and they have some great opportunities to offer you.  Mary Askew is a long time friend of mine from homeschooling days, and she is in the Career Sesrvices Department.

Find out more about the school here.

Dear Home School Groups and Counselors,

I really enjoyed attending the 26th Annual AFHE Convention.  I had the privilege of speaking with over 40 Home School families

Slide1As a former Home Schooler and AFHE Member, I am excited that Grand Canyon University Career Services provides resources to home school support groups.  We provide career tests and tools so that your children can identify their giftings, interests, abilities, and skills.  Then, we will assist your children in choosing potential college majors that match their interests.


Grand Canyon University understands that home school families –

  • Are dedicated to their children’s futures
  • Have strong Biblical values and beliefs
  • Are involved in extracurricular, community, leadership, and church activities
  • Excel in academics

In searching for colleges, home school families are looking for –

  • Christian atmosphere
  • Strong academic programs
  • Safe, positive environment
  • Smaller class sizesIf  you are interested in receiving more information about our College Exploration resources, please contact me at maskew@gcu.edu or call me directly at (602) 639-6062

Here are some of the resources that GCU can provide:


Thanks for your time and support.

 Have a great day,

 Dr. Mary Askew
Career Services
Grand Canyon University
3300 West Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Phone: (602) 639-6062

  • Career assessments
  • College Major Exploration
  • Career Exploration
  • What to do with a major in . . .
  • Job market information
  • Salary surveys

Job search resources for students:

  • Job Postings
  • Job Fairs
  • Internships
  • Networking events
  • Resume review
  • Interviewing Etiquette

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