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Is there a free online site for doing a Practice Stanford Test?

Here are some great questions from my inbox about testing.  This is an ongoing conversation that began with this mom asking me to proctor a standardized test from BJUP.  My answers are in blue.

Hi Holly,

I am wondering if you know of a website that my son can do a practice Stanford test (before he takes the actual test next week)?

Mom of 9th grader

Dear Mom of 9th grader,

I did not find any free site online for the practice tests.  Here is a site with some test prep materials for purchase:  http://brighted.funeducation.com/Products/PracticeTests/   I believe that you can also get the test prep materials from BJUP. 

You can also buy a practice test from Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix for about $3.00.  Their number is  602-277-3497.  they are open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:00-4:00.

ps – have you ever worked with the practice test from the CHSRC?  Does the $3 cover the test and answer key?  Do you think it is a good idea to have my son practice?  I am NOT AT ALL familiar with testing, hence all the questions.
The test and answer key at Covenant are both included for $3.  Yes, if he has never been tested, I would recommend it.  You get a good sampling of the types of questions, how they are formatted and what to expect.  Take time to walk through the questions together and talk about how to eliminate at least two that will be “silly” answers or the type that would be typical if the question was misread (if the word “not” is overlooked, or the wrong math operation is used, for example.)  I don’t think the practice test has any timed sections, but that is something to talk about.  I believe the Stanford penalizes 1/4 of a point for incorrect answers, so it is actually better to leave things blank than to rush through to finish when the time is close.

I love your questions!  That is what I am here for! 

Thanks and Blessings!
Holly Craw

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