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I am Saving over $500 per year on my Landline Phone Bill

 We had finally had it with our phone company!  After being with them at the same address and phone number for 27 years, we realized we were no longer getting quality service.

We had numerous days with the phone service not working, and even after repairmen came out, our system would be down again a few days later.  Besides that, from time to time, current services that used to have no or minimal cost were showing up with greater charges.   We needed a change!

My husband researched the various programs, and it looked like a computer-based system would be what we needed.  We wanted one that was independent of the computer needing to be on all the time, and would give us access to a variety of features.  We found Phone Power, which was running a terrfic sale at the time.

We only had minimal features with the previous company–call waiting, 2nd line and a couple of others, and we were paying about $54 per month or a total of over $1300 for two years.  With Phone Power, we paid $274 total for two whole years and got all the same features plus access to a whole lot more.  We even found an online coupon that took $20.00 off the cost and the installation fee was waived.

  • We can see all of our incoming calls online, so we can access messages from anywhere. 
  • In addition to call waiting, the second incoming call will roll over to another handset. 
  • We have a “Cloned” second line so both phones can be used simultaneously for incoming or outgoing calls
  • It is simple to block unwanted calls, but to still see online if more come in from that number (my husband’s favorite feature!)
  • Domestic long distance is totally free!
  • 3000 minutes of call time are allocated each month, but this is only for outgoing calls!  Incoming calls don’t subtract from the total.
  • No extra charge for any of the 30+ extra features–call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call following and more.
  • We get $10 credit for each referral we make to Phone Power, plus the new customer that we referred also gets $10

This is what I call a wonderful deal–value and quality for a great price!

Here is a breakdown of the costs of our previous company compared to the same features (and a lot more!) with Phone Power. PHONE POWER COMPARISON WITH QWEST

If you have questions about how this works, please leave a comment below.  If you want to sign up and get the $10 discount, use this referral name:  coffee-gourmand

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