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Is there Financial Assistance for Homeschool Dual-Enrollment Students at Community College?

Here is a terrific question from my email inbox.

How does Dual Enrollment work?  Is there any financial assistance available for the community college classes while the students are in high school or can the school district pay for them?

Homeschool Mom

Hi Homeschool Mom,

If your child is enrolled in one of the public high schools that has an agreement with a community college, they would get classes paid for as a dual-enrollment student. Unfortunately, the state and school districts don’t cover anything for homeschoolers who are on their own.  Now, Arizona does allow part-time enrollment for hs’ers in the public schools and they are paid for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 time enrollment within the Daily Attendance money.  One credit High School class is considered 1/4 time.

I don’t know if a student could enroll at High School X just to take one of the community college classes that are offered through that school. It would be interesting to find that out.  (Arizona also allows students to enroll at any school in the state, even if it is not your neighborhood school.  Y0u may need to get special permissions from your school and the school of enrollment, and or district permission.)

In order to dual-enroll, your student will need to take the ASSET test at the Community College.  This is a placement test in math, reading and English.  Here is information on the test and some sample questions:  

Typically, dual-enrollment students are not able to get financial aid at the CC, although I know of a student at Mesa CC and one at Paradise Valley CC who were able to get some funding.  (I tried to find out how it worked and never got a good grasp on the answer.)

However, if the student has graduated, a good score on the ASSET qualifies for the President’s Scholarship–a 4 semester tuition waiver– and the Honor’s Program.
http://www.mc.maricopa.edu/academics/honors/scholarship.html  This tells the scores needed for the President’s Scholarship and the Honors Program

One thing to keep in mind is that universities vary greatly in the number of CC credits they will allow to transfer and still count the student as a freshman.  ASU allows any number of credits–as long as the student has not graduated from high school.  You can’t even take a summer class post-graduation and still count.  Grand Canyon U allows 24 credits of CC that can be taken anytime–as dual-enrollment or as post-graduation.

I do a whole workshop on college prep.  I just did one last week, but would be open to doing another one in September if there is enough interest.  Email me if you are interested.


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  1. It’s also going to depend upon the state you’re in. Some schools will offer a dual enrollment program at reduced rates, while others will charge the same fee but allow it to be subsidized by a state grant. Homeschoolers may be eligible for these grants, the rules vary by state.

    Home School College Counselor,

    You are correct. My experience is with Arizona, but I really appreciate hearing about other states.



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