Colonial Williamsburg Homeschooler Experience September 12-27


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It’s a hands-on history lesson they’ll never forget. Colonial Williamsburg’s Homeschooler Experience offers your child the chance to experience life in the 1770s. From the political unrest and talk of revolution and independence to the daily experience of work, family life, and entertainment, your homeschooler will learn the story about how our nation began.

Join us September 12-27, for our Homeschooler Experience featuring special programs tailored to your child.

Want to learn more?  

Call 1-800-280-8039 for discounted tickets
or visit

Interactive Homeschooler programs at Great Hopes Plantation: Fall 2009
Holiday Traditions: November 26–December 14, 2009
African American Programs: February 1–28, 2010
Spring Homeschooler Experience: February 27–March 7, 2010

©2009 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 134 North Henry St., Williamsburg, VA 23185

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