Have a homeschool project that needs some dedicated time–away from the kids? Here’s help.

Do you ever feel like Lucille Ball working in the chocolate factory?  You start out the year on top of things, planning your work and working your plan, and life seems to be going at a nice pace.  Suddenly something happens–more sports activities to chauffeur, unexpected company, home repair that takes longer than expected, or just plain old time getting away from you.  Now, you seem to be scrambling to cover the basics for today–let alone getting a plan ready for tomorrow or next week.

Just as the conveyor belt moves faster for Lucy and she can’t get all the chocolates packaged properly, life and responsibilities move faster and seem more urgent, and some things get dropped or overlooked in the process.  (Trust me–I have been there.  Some seasons, I have been amazed that so few bills didn’t get paid on time with all that was going on.)

I would love to give 10 women the opportunty to have a “working break” to get out of the city and have a focused place to work on that project (lesson plans, setting up a record keeping system, compiling those transcript records, establishing your menues for the month, etc.).  You will be able to return relaxed and able to concentrate on doing the fun things of learning with your family without the stress of that one task hanging over your head.

  • · Homeschool Lesson Planning, Transcript Preparation, or Record Keeping Set-Up Retreat
    • · Friday, September 25, 6:00 PM-Saturday, September 26. 6:00 PM
    • Location:  A cabin on the Mogollon Rim, off of Highway 87, halfway between Payson and Winslow, Arizona
    • Purpose:  To bring your project that you want to finish, work on it in a beautiful relaxed setting, and go home with a lot accomplished
      • Bring your curriculum and materials and planner and set out the lesson plans for several months
      • Bring all your transcript or record keeping materials and put together your student’s transcript
      • Bring your “Stuff” that needs to be organized (filing system, papers, folders, box with all the records, etc.)
    • Format of the time:  If needed, I will present some input on how to do lesson plans, how to do transcripts, or record keeping tips.  The rest of the time, you can spend putting your materials together, enjoying the outdoors, getting refreshed with some of the other homeschool moms.  I will be available for assistance with any project or consultation on other homeschool matters.
    • Minimum of 5 needed, Maximum of 10
    • Cost:  $40 for those who reserve a place by August 31, $50 after that while spaces last.
      • Interested in an opportunity to attend for free?  Click here.
    • What you will get:
      • All your meals and snacks, all prepared for you (no work in the kitchen!  I will even do the dishes!)
        • Elegant candlelight dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday
      • Cabin rental
      • Goodie bag of school materials
      • Access to a variety of helpful resources
      • 24 hour access to a veteran homeschool mom to answer all your questions (well, maybe not exactly 24–we can sleep part of that time)
      • Opportunity to network with other moms and glean from their experience and ideas
      • New friendships
      • PEACE of MIND–knowing that you have accomplished a huge task.  Now you will be able to focus on the kids and the fun stuff of learning about your world!
      • A Certificate of Achievement for your work on your project

     Does this sound like a great deal that will be helpful to you?  Email me and let me know that you are able to attend. 

  • Remember, you save 20% by contacting me by August 31. 
  • Don’t forget to check out the FREE opportunity and ways you can increase your chances of being the one selected


I would love to hear the topics that interest you most, especially if you are in Maricopa County, Arizona.  I can set up at a location near you!  Email me with your ideas and your location.

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