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A Great Way to Access Multiple Spelling Lists–For FREE!

I recently came across SpellQuizzer, a wonderful online software which makes learning spelling words fun, entertaining and very easy. Dan Hite, the developer of this tool is providing an opportunity for homeschoolers and other learners to share a dynamic repertoire of spelling lists which can be easily downloaded to the SpellQuizzer.  He will give away a license for the software to one lucky winner, from the pool of those who share their spelling lists. 

This is open to registered users of SpellQuizzer, and the best news is:  No Purchase necessary!  Sign up for the 30 day free trial, upload some lists, and be in the running for the FREE SpellQuizzer.  Read below to find all the details.

Hello!  This is Dan Hite of TedCo Software – creator of SpellQuizzer spelling software.  I’m contacting  those who are or want to be a registered user of SpellQuizzer.  I’ve recently added a community area to the SpellQuizzer web site and wanted to invite you to join.  The SpellQuizzer community area is a great place for SpellQuizzer users to connect and help each other.  In the SpellQuizzer site’s community area you can:

  • Participate in the Community forums.  In the community forums you can ask questions and participate in discussions with other SpellQuizzer users on subjects such as tips on getting the most from SpellQuizzer,  other educational resources, curriculum, school, homeschooling, etc.  You can also ask questions and help other SpellQuizzer users who have questions you might have the answers to.  This is a great way for SpellQuizzer users to help each other and share information.
  • Download shared SpellQuizzer Spelling lists from other users.  The SpellQuizzer web site already has several free downloadable spelling lists that can be loaded into SpellQuizzer.  In the community area you can also upload your SpellQuizzer spelling lists to share with others as well as download spelling lists that others have created with SpellQuizzer.  I hope you will share the spelling lists you have created in SpellQuizzer with other SpellQuizzer users.

I’d like to invite you to join the SpellQuizzer community.  You can visit the community here.  You don’t need to register with the community to read posts & discussions or to browse available downloads.  You do need to register to post messages and to download spelling files.  I hope you will register with the SpellQuizzer community today.


On Friday September 4, a community member will be selected to receive a free license for SpellQuizzer. The winner will be selected randomly from community users who upload spelling lists to the file sharing area of the community. Each list you submit will count as a chance to win. If you submit five lists you are five times as likely to win. The winner will be selected randomly from among those who have uploaded spelling lists. Here are the rules to qualify:

  • You must register in the SpellQuizzer community. You can register by clicking here or visiting the SpellQuizzer Community  and clicking the “Register” link in the community menu bar. Participants do not need to own a license for SpellQuizzer. Lists created using the free 30-day trial of SpellQuizzer are welcome.
  • You must upload a SpellQuizzer spelling list file to the community file area. You can create a spelling list file using the Export feature in SpellQuizzer (a video demonstration of creating a SpellQuizzer export file can be viewed here). To upload a spelling list file, visit the community file sharing area by going here after registering in the community. From there click the “Upload a spelling file” link and follow the prompts.
  • Each spelling list file you upload counts as a chance to win. One spelling list per export file please.
  • Each spelling list file must have audio recordings for all the words in the list in order for the list to qualify as a chance to win.
  • Each spelling list file must have a minimum of 10 words in it for the file to qualify as a chance to win.
  • The deadline for uploading spelling lists is Thursday, September 3 US East Coast Time. The winner will be announced in the community forum Friday morning, September 4.

The contest winner can keep the license for his or herself or designate it for a friend. I hope you will be joining the community and be sharing your lists.
Please note that you need to be using SpellQuizzer version 1.3.0 or higher to share spelling lists in the SpellQuizzer community.  The latest release is 1.3.2.  If you have an earlier version it’s free to update to the latest. You can do so by selecting “Check for Program Updates” from the Help menu in SpellQuizzer.

I hope to see you in the SpellQuizzer Community soon!

Dan Hite
TedCo Software

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