Wild Wednesdays at the Phoenix Zoo–FREE Tickets for admission

Here is a great opportunity to get in some free Zoo trips now that the weather is getting cooler!


FREE Phoenix Zoo Tickets

This was on Channel 15’s 5:30 morning news today… present your VIP card at the checkout line at Fry’s grocery store for 2 FREE general admission tickets to the Phoenix Zoo! This is for every Wednesday in September – Wild Wednesdays program sponsored by Fry’s Food Stores. That’s a good deal since a general admission ticket to the Phoenix Zoo is $16/adults and $7/kids!

The information isn’t found on Channel 15’s website, so my friend called to verify. She got an email back with the same information – it’s actually from the Phoenix Business Journal:

Here is the information read in our newscast this morning. Thank you for your call!
Your weekly trip to the grocery store can get your family into the Phoenix Zoo for free.

Fresh headlines from the Phoenix Business Journal this morning…
The “Wild Wednesdays” program kicks off today and runs through the end of the month.
It’s sponsored by Fry’s food stores.
Just present your VIP savings card at the checkout and get 2 free general admissions.

Katrina Wessman

Channel 15

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