Do you have expertise and desire to write about a topic, and earn money?

I have just started on a little side trip with my homeschooling blog.  I am now also writing articles for, which is a nationwide c0mpany that deals with just about any topic you can imagine for each locality.  I would love for you to visit my page.  It is just about homeschooling, with emphasis on Phoenix, and I am just getting started with some great articles.

It is a pretty simple concept.  Pick a city, find what topics are open, select one (or more) and submit an online application.  Within a day or so, you will be notified that you are accepted (or not), and asked to submit an article for evaluation.  Once cleared, you will receive all kinds of helpful information on topics, types of articles, resources and so much more, and you can begin writing in earnest.

Some great factors about include:

  • You can get paid for your expertise based on the amount of traffic that you bring in
  • If you are a local writer, you also get paid for each article you write, up to 5 per week.
  • There is a huge amount of flexibility in what you can write about
  • You retain full rights to your work, and can re-publish it in other venues
  • You can bring more traffic to your blog or website by referencing your own work
  • Referring other writers can bring you money as well (so be sure to put Holly Craw down as the referral source! <smile>)

Here are all the spots that are currently available in the Phoenix area:  If you are in a different area, click here  and then change location.)  

Let me know if you are interested in writing, no matter what city, and we can compare notes!  If you are a writer, there is something for everyone here.

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