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How will a homeschooled child become socialized?

If you have been homeschooling (or thinking about it) for more than two weeks, you have probably encountered someone who has asked a question that seems more like a pronouncement:

“If you homeschool, how will your children be socialized?”

Those who bring this matter up may be thinking along one of the following lines:

Trilobyte masks on homeschoolers in a science class.

Trilobyte masks on homeschoolers in a science class.

 1.  Teaching children at home means that the students will be isolated with “just” mom, dad, and the siblings and won’t have opportunity to interact with others.

  1. 2.  The children won’t have any friends nor know how to make friends.
  2. 3.  Since school is an American institution, it must be un-American to reject it.  Perhaps there is some anti-social or anti-American thinking involved for families who don’t participate in institutional schools.
  3. 4.  The only way to get along with a variety of people is to be immersed in all that group social opportunities offer, so you can be exposed to all kinds of behavior.
  4. 5.  Without proper immersion, a child won’t be tough enough to handle what the world can dish out.
  5. 6.  “We all” went through the public school, and “we all” turned out OK.
  6. 7.  Prejudice is bred by not being around different lifestyles, cultures, backgrounds, etc.

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