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What are physiological, psychological and developmental factors in Autistic behavior?

Autism is becoming increasingly prevalent in the youth of America.  It is an issue that often leaves parents bewildered, frustrated, discouraged and even frightened.  The children who suffer from it also experience strong emotions and confusing behaviors.  New brain research is beginning to provide some hopeful answers and therapeutic options which can alleviate some of the symptoms. 

Autism Workshop
S*CCEEDS registered, ADE approvedSaturday September 12th for Parents and Professionals 
Sponsored by Arizona Teacher’s Professional Development and the East Valley Aspergers Asc

I have met numerous homeschooling families over the years who have one or more children diagnosed with various forms of Autism, which is often at least part of the reason they have turned to home education.  Couple the benefits of the home environment and great teacher-student ratios with some of the techniques you will learn from Craig’s workshop, and you will have a winning combination for your student. 

 This 3 hour workshop will teach about the symptoms of and treatments for Autism/Aspergers/PDD. It will cover physiological, psychological and developmental factors in Autistic behavior. Also covered will be some of the predispositions, causes and triggers of Autism.

 $30 enrollment fee includes lunch and 3 hr CEU certificate
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Saturday September 12th, 2009
Held at Buster’s restaurant, 8320 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(North of Via De Ventura on Hayden)
To reserve seating call the Healing Pathways Medical Clinic 480-820-6695


Craig Stellpflug, NDC–presenter
Healing Pathways Medical Clinic
2133 E Warner Rd, Suite 102, Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone 480- 820-6695 Fax 480-820-6696


“Helping hurt kids to become normal and helping normal kids become exceptional”(c)

For more info: 
Autism Speaks:  Arizona Autism organizations
Arizona Autism Resources
Arizona Autism Coalition:  Free classes for parents of children with Autism
Arizona Autism United:  AZ Division of Developmental Disabilities services for the autism spectrum
The Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center
5 Autism Support Groups in the Phoenix area

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