Homeschool Fall Fair at Vertuccio Farms is looking for vendors

tractorThis article is mainly about vendors who will want to be at the Homeschool Fall Fair, but homeschool families should be sure to put this on their calendar now. You won’t want to miss out on this great event on the farm, and the opportunity to see a slice of the homeschooling community.

Homeschool Fall Fair is underway at Vertuccio Farms.

If you are a homeschool family with a business, have a knack for making crafts, perhaps your child enjoys baking or your son has outgrown his baseball collection, then come be a part of the fair.

This is a great opportunity to advertise your business with the homeschool community, to make a little extra money for the upcoming holidays and to give your children a chance to try out their business skills.

Vertuccio Farms is on Power Road and the fair will be advertised to the public as well. The farm and corn maze will be free to homeschool vendors and their families.

Tables will not be provided. We will also be keeping a list of what will be sold at the fair so that we don’t have too much of the same items.

Hope you all can join us whether it is as a vendor or a shopper.

When: Saturday November 7th 10am -2pm
Where: Vertuccio Farms on Power Road
    Visit for map and directions and to learn more about the farm
Cost: $5 per vendor $7 for families with more than one table
              $2 child vendors 
         Cost includes advertising by Vertuccio Farms, water, electricity, restrooms and trash.
Deadline: October 16th to notify of participation

Please contact Beckie Lerma at or call (805) 714-7931 

Click here for more info:

  • Aerial photo of the corn maze–Lady Liberty
  • Photos of other amazing mazes
  • Other mazes in Arizona and around the country
  • The Vertuccio Farms Pizza Farm

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