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5 easy steps to starting to homeschool in Arizona

Homeschool moms and students gather information at a local homeschool workshop

Homeschool moms and students gather information at a local homeschool workshop

So, you have been thinking about homeschooling for a while, and you have finally made the decision to begin. Now, the big question is: What do I need to do?

Arizona still has some of the least restrictive laws for home educating across the nation.
1. File an Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool with your county Superintendent of Schools. The affidavit contains the following information:
   *Parent and student names
   *Address, phone, email
   *School district, name of primary instructor
   *Notary signature
 With the affidavit, you need a certified copy of the student birth certificate.
You can get a general form good for any county here. This one was crafted by Arizona Families for Home Education, and includes a declaration that you don’t want your information passed on to other agencies. Each county’s website should have information on the specific form they use. Here is Maricopa County’s document.
2. Teach these subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Grammar.
(I consider Reading and Grammar only part of Language Arts, which also includes Phonics, punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary, spelling, writing composition, literature analysis, and speech.)
3. Teach for 180 days each year.
4. Requirements begin when the child is 6 by September 1 until the 16th birthday (These are the mandatory schooling ages.) There is also a provision for those families who wish to delay formal education until the child is 8. The affidavit does need to be filed at the six year mark, but a statement like this can be included: My child is not yet 8, and will not begin formal homeschooling until that time.
5. If homeschooling is discontinued prior to the 16th birthday, you need to file a withdrawal form with your county.
There is an abundance of materials available, and numerous types of approaches to home education. In Arizona, you are free to use whatever you wish. Curriculum texts may be purchased on-line or from local new and used bookstores such as Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix. Some people utilize libraries or local book swaps to find their resources. (See the resource list on the right column of this page.)
I provide a number of different workshops designed to answer your questions and give you tools for successfully navigating the needs and concerns that you may have. These include:
   *Getting Started with Homeschooling
   *Choosing Curriculum
   *Avenues Through High School
   *College Prep
   *Transcript Preparation
   *Homeschooling on a Shoestring
   *Learning Styles
   *Lesson Planning and Record Keeping

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