Parents of gifted students have a great resource in Gifted Education Press Quarterly

Do you have a student who already knows more than you do?  Having trouble keeping up and keeping her challenged?

You may want to check out a great online magazine, Gifted Education Press Quarterly, which is full of articles that will help you keep your gifted child stimulated in the right directions.

Just Published! See the FALL 2009 Online Issue of Gifted Education Press Quarterly by Clicking the Following Link in Adobe Format:

The FALL 2009 Online Issue of GEPQ contains the following articles:

1. Editorial Comments by Maurice Fisher – Discussion of the Center for Excellence in Education; the Need for a New National Gifted Advocacy Organization
2. Preserving the “Sense of Wonder”: An Arts Approach to Engaging Young Gifted Learners

Joan Franklin Smutny, Director   The Center for Gifted   National-Louis University

3. How is A Teacher of the Gifted Supposed to Teach?
Sanford Aranoff    Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science   Rider University   Lawrenceville, New Jersey
4. The Gifted Arab Child in Israel: Book Summary
Hanna David     Ben Gurion University at Eilat, Israel
5. Ernest Hemingway: Prose Impressionist for the Gifted

Michael E. Walters    Center for the Study of the Humanities in the Schools

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