Final opportunity for homeschoolers to sign up for the PSAT test

Covenant Home School Resource Center offers the PSAT for homeschoolers.

Covenant Home School Resource Center offers the PSAT for homeschoolers.

Did you know that the PSAT test is unique in many ways?

It is a practice for the SAT college entrance test, and as such will give you a good idea of what you might score on the SAT.  It is also the only test that qualifies high schoolers to take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test–the instrument used to determine the creme de la creme of incoming college students.

Those who do well on the PSAT will be sought out with university scholarships as well as being invited to take the NMSQT, which has even more college funding opportunities.  Arizona State University currently gives $15,000 per year to those residents who are finalists on the NMSQT.

Unlike the SAT and ACT, the PSAT is only given once each year.  Testing sites may choose one of two days in October–typically the third Wednesday or the third Saturday, and all students must test at that time.

Students may take the exam more than once, with the standard recommendations being to start in 9th grade.  It is only official during the junior year (11th grade), so the earlier takes provide opportunity to understand the test and the process.  The idea is that any moneys generated as a result of the test will be available in the fall two years later.

Testing sites are generally at public high schools, although Phoenix is blessed to have a location set up for homeschoolers at Covenant Home School Resource Center.  The group size is around 40-45 students, so it is a very relaxed atmosphere, and participants may already know some of the others.  There is still time to sign up, although there are only a few spaces left.

Covenant Home School Resource Center
1117 E. Devonshire Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85014

Test date:  Saturday, October 17, 2009, 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

More details, resources and free practice tests.

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