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Three problems I see with the new show “FlashForward”

Alright, I confess.  I watched “FlashForward” yesterday on Hulu.com.

Problem 1:  I am not a TV person, and rarely take the time to watch a show.  I wasn’t even planning to watch it, although I was intrigued with the minimalistic billboards advertising the program and date only.  I had no idea what it was about, and probably didn’t really care.

However, yesterday while looking for something else, I came on the link to the trailers.  I looked at a couple, felt a surge of curiosity, and decided to spend the next few minutes checking out the full-length episode.

Problem 2:  I was hooked.  Forty-five minutes later, I realized I had totally set aside some other things I really wanted to do for a futuristic, barely-within-the-realm-of-plausibility fantasy that raised many questions in my mind.

What really would be the world-wide effects of the whole population passing out for over two minutes at the same time?  How many people would be killed?  What would it really look like?  How long would it take to clean up all the mess and take care of the bodies?  What caused it?  What is the reason for this massive power grab?  What really happened to the people while they were out?  How likely is it that the events they saw will come true in the show?  What kinds of decisions will people make now that they think they know a slice of the future?

Problem 3:  I couldn’t sleep for quite awhile last night for thinking about the story and all the questions.  My mind goes wild analyzing the characters and the events and the possibilities.  To top it off, my husband wasn’t sleeping well, so every time I would almost drift off, he would toss and turn and jar me awake.  Then I was back to square one with all the thoughts rushing around in my mind.

I find that I am intrigued by trying to picture how common aspects of life will work in the aftermath of a world-wide catastrophe.  A couple of years ago, some friends invited me to watch Stephen King’s mini-series The Stand, and I literally spent weeks mulling over some of the same kinds of questions–many practical things that the movie did not address or were inconsistently portrayed.  Those nagging questions which often seem to easily overlooked or explained away seem to be my nemesis.

I don’t know if you are captivated by these questions, but I would love to hear others’ thoughts on where you think this story line is going to go.  Please leave your comments below.

If you haven’t seen episode 1, here is the link.

(I guess I could read the book to see how they deal with the questions, but this is more interesting!  If you have read the book, don’t spoil our flights of fantasy.)


2 Responses

  1. When I started to watch it, for some reason, I didn’t even take into account that thousands of people would be killed because of people blacking out. Then, I’m wondering who the person who was awake is and is it the only person that was awake? Why was that one person awake? Is the guy who saw nothing going to be dead in 6 months? Can they change their fates having saw a glimpse of the future or will the future they saw even happen?

    Sorry, I’m filled with questions too! I didn’t know it was a book, hmm, now I’m wondering should I read the book? Argh!

    • Thanks, Southernblessings.

      It kind of gets under your skin, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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