Pet-owners class teaches basics of care for reptile pets

  • What does an iguana eat?
  • How do you breed lizards?
  • How do you know if your garter snake is sick?
  • Did you know that reptiles are wonderful pets for families that have fur and dander allergies?

The Kiwanis Recreation Center has a class that begins Tuesday, October 7 to guide students through the tips for proper care of reptile pets.

REPTILES Your Scaly friend!  
Thinking about getting a reptile but not sure how to take care of it? This class is designed to help you take care of your new pet. Learn how to pick the proper cage size; humidity and food requirements, and environmental needs. Instructor will bring various live reptiles to class to expose students to different types of pets. Families are encouraged to attend together.

When:  Wednesday, October 7  6-8 PM
    One day class
Where:  Kiwanis Recreation Center
     6111 S. All America Way
     Tempe, AZ
Ages:  5-18 year olds
Cost:  $16 per first parent/child pair, $5 per additional child.    Pre-registration required.

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