Lots of drama opportunities for homeschoolers in local Christmas plays

MaryIf you have been around homeschoolers much, you may have noticed that many of them have a strong passion for drama.  I found this to be true when we were homeschooling 10-15 years ago, and we had opportunity to try out several theater venues.  Now, it is common for homeschooled students to be involved in some sort of dramatic production.

Venues include: 

  •  *Community Theater
  •  *Homeschool support groups
  •  *Homeschool drama clubs and classes
  •  *Professional theater

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, many local groups are holding auditions for the seasonal performances.

Upcoming auditions for Phoenix area productions include:

A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail (Musical) at Valley Youth Theater
October 20th and October 22nd at 4pm

Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe  at Christian Youth Theater
October 20th and October 22nd at 4pm

Santa Claus is coming to Town (Black Box)  at Theater Works
Auditions: Saturday, October 24 from 10am to 4pm

The Nutcracker (the play) at Fountain Hills Community Theater
Monday, October 12 & Tuesday, October 13, 5:45 PM

If you happen to live in the Cincinnati  or Petersburg, Kentucky area, you may want to check out the Live Nativity Presentation which is looking for actors and crew: 

Christian Actors and Crew Needed for the Creation Museum’s FREE Live Nativity Presentation This Christmas

Have you ever participated in a play at your church or in school? Do you have a degree or background in theater that you want to use for God’s glory? Are you able to commit to giving some of your time this Christmas season? If the answer is yes to these questions, then the Creation Museum may be a place for you to use your skills.

We are seeking experienced actors with passion, charisma, and a desire to use their talents to reach people for Christ. This Christmas event is a free outreach to the public, and we need actors and crew members to commit their time and expertise to achieve a quality evangelistic production.

Interested? Simply follow the steps below.

Read more.

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