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Homeschool Art Classes and College Prep Workshops are great opportunities for families

Pastel Painting - Seascapes is the theme of the November Art Workshop

Pastel Painting - Seascapes is the theme of the November Art Workshop

Homeschoolers, here is a great opportunity to  get some “parent continuing education” on some key topics that will make your job easier, while your kids are in an educational activity, and get an exclusive discount on curriculum–all in one place.

It works like this:  once a month, a trio of services will be combined all in one place for your benefit–art classes for the kids, workshops for the parents, and an “attendees only” curriculum sale.

Connie Youmans is an art teacher extraordinaire who understands how to move young artists into a fuller appreciation for and application of skills involved in drawing, painting, and mixed media expressions.  She has worked with homeschoolers for several years, and has also taught in school settings.  Her gentle manner engages the students and gives them the freedom to experiment with the concepts presented on a deeper level to produce quality pieces.  Her monthly sessions are for 5th graders – adults, and last for three hours, allowing sufficient time for skills to be honed in one sitting.

Parent workshops will be held at the same time, and both will be at Covenant Home School Resource Center in Phoenix.  Holly Craw is a veteran homeschool mom of over 22 years who has developed workshops to give parents crucial tools for home educating on topics such as:

  • Transcript and College Preparation
  • Starting to Homeschool
  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Understanding Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
  • Homeschooling on a Shoestring

Covenant Home School Resource Center will provide vouchers to anyone who donates 10 books for a special sale price on a used curriculum purchase.  CHSRC is a wonderful, one-stop center for:

  • New and used curriculum
  • IOWA and PSAT testing
  • Student classes for electives and enrichment (and classes with which you need assistance)
  • Information and resources and encouragement for all phases of homeschooling

The date for the November workshops is scheduled, so call now to reserve your place in the classes!  Space is limited.

Location:  Covenant Home School Resource Center
                   1117 E. Devonshire Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85014
                   (Conveniently close to the 202 and the 51–1 block north of Indian School Road
                    and 1 block west of 12th  Street)

Registration:  For the Art Classes, contact Connie Youmans  602-468-5792 or email
                          For the parent workshops, contact Holly Craw 602-942-7296 or email
                          A voucher for the curriculum discount will be given to any who take either the art class or the 
                               workshop when you arrive for the class.

Art Classes and Parent Workshops
at Covenant Home School Resource Center

Date Art Classes Workshops Curriculum Discount
12:30-3:30 PM
Pastel Painting-Seascapes
Cost: $28, includes materials
College and Transcript Prep  (See details)
Cost:  Free,
Optional materials packet-$15.00
50% off all used books,
10% off all new books


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