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Homeschool graduation ceremony is offered by Arizona Families for Home Education

Over 150 homeschoolers typically participate in the Graduate Recognition Ceremony sponsored by Arizona Families for Home Education.

Over 150 homeschoolers typically participate in the Graduate Recognition Ceremony sponsored by Arizona Families for Home Education.

How does a homeschooler graduate from high school?  Where do we get a diploma?  Who signs the diploma?  Who needs to be notified to verify high school completion?

These are great questions and very common ones.  The answers for Arizona students are pretty simple, since we have really easy homeschool laws.

Graduation basically is the ceremony commemorating the successful completion of the minimum core requirements, and  recognizing that the student is ready for the next phase–higher education or work experience.  Arizona doesn’t require home educators to meet certain standards, so it is best to look at the coursework required for college entrance.  The ceremony can be put together by parents, a group of families, a support group, or a statewide organization such as Arizona Families for Home Education.  See below for details on the AFHE ceremony.

A diploma is the document created and signed by the people or person overseeing the student’s work, which in the case of homeschoolers is the parents.  It is perfectly legal for parents to create their own, or you can have one professionally created.

In Arizona, there is no need to notify nor be verified by any government official, although that will vary in other states.

Here is one opportunity to take part in a wonderful ceremony that is open to all Arizona homeschool graduates, sponsored by Arizona Families for Home Education.


Calling all Senior High homeschooled students! Plans are underway for the 18th Annual AFHE State Senior High Graduate Recognition Ceremony.

Friday, May 21, 2010
7:00 to 9:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center, South Ballroom


Go to www.afhe.org/graduations_2010_senior_high.htm for information and registration form.

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